xXxCOCOxXx (xxxcocoxxx) wrote in truman_bands,

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1st-some band
2nd-some other band
participation award
participation award

3rd place out of 5... yea.. we... .... rock

... got to sit in frickin Savage Central (Burger King) for an hour and watch people eat animals and cry over 87592857 grams of fat pies... we were supposed to go to the MALL.. wtf.. .. people going down the slides on food trays... marlow asking people if they dropped Cat Food Coupons... haha

bus ride was interesting.. desilva and pearl were hooking up yo... and there are a lot of disturbing pics of me... and.. some people should die.. and.. grow up.. and stop being immature.. and learn how to STFU on the bus..

and yes, i told Coco i would cut him if he didn't get out of my room. Yep.

marching band = crazy
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