Jamie "2, 4" Sheets (bass_chick11) wrote in truman_bands,
Jamie "2, 4" Sheets

So what? I'm bored.


Marching Band (2005)
- Jason declaring Ed awesome on the first day of band camp, and Ed now thinking he's hot shit and such.
- Kyle Newman... Enough said.
- Having two 1/2 tenor sax players..
- Brendan's first practice and him having to be taught how to read music.
- Me: "Do I have power yet?" Marlow: "No." Me: "*walks outside, hanging my head, to play and not be heard*"
- Putting bobby pins in Brendan's hair to keep the wind from blowing it in his face.
- Being one of the four best to cross the 50 during band camp. Woo me, Tiff, Michelle, & Kait!
- DDR!!!!
- Teaching new pit members how to play.. and not being a mallet player myself.
- The last day of band camp and our kickass party/dance thinger!!
- Me: "*to Brendan* You didn't fold your uniform right." Brendan: "I don't care." Me: "Mrs. Eustace is gonna yell at youuuu." Brendan: "Not if she doesn't seeee." Me: "She checks every uniform. Just a warning." *walks into hallway a few minutes later and see Brendan standing there re-folding his uniform the right way* Hehe!
- Swimming during band camp!!
- Kyle Newman looking for a pencil in his pocket and taking out his cigarettes and lighter to do so. You're not supposed to do that!!
- Getting uber long water breaks so Marlow, Krelove, & Kyle can go smoke on the side of the school and think we don't know.
- Yelling at the new pitly ones.
- Sectionals with the saxes!

Woo!! I ♥ band!

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