Eyes Wide Shut (random_onlooker) wrote in truman_bands,
Eyes Wide Shut

Caddilac Vs. Expedition

Expedition Wins!

Soooo Many things wrong with that picture.

1)Hes parked on the wrong side of the street.

2)Hes parked in a no parking zone.

3)He got that damage by hitting my familys Expedition last night at 2:00am.

4)He was going more than 25mph when he hit it.

So, The guy hits our car at like 2:00am... and then... recooperates
himself, and then drives off.... Luckily, a neighbor of ours was just
getting home, and he saw the accident... So, he got back in his car and
followed the guy home... The next morning he came over to tell us about
it... Fun times.

Our car has almost no damage, a broken tailgate latch, and a
dented/mis-aligned bumper but nothing that cant be fixed with ducktape
until we get a hefty insurance check. His car... needs a big band
aid... because... he doesnt have insurance to cover it...

Moral of the story: Dont drive drunk and crash into a car bigger than yours...
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September 11 2005, 13:53:32 UTC 12 years ago

Moral of the story: Dont drive **