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Santa, candy and fun

Bucks County Courier Times

Nicholas Johnson sat on a curb bundled in a Philadelphia Eagles jacket with his tiny hands covering his ears on Saturday.

His eyes lit up as a convoy of fire trucks in the Bristol Township Thanksgiving Day parade slowly rolled past as loud sirens blared.

A jolly Santa Claus sat high above the crowd in a fire truck and threw candy to little parade watchers.

"Yes, I love this," said Nick as he cautiously collected candy from the ground.

Nicholas and his mother Lyn have come to the parade for the last three years.

"It's quick and fun, and the kids really enjoy it," said Lyn. "It's actually fun for me, too."

She was taken back to her childhood when she saw children's entertainer Sally Starr riding by in a convertible waving.

"Wow, I remember watching her on TV when I was like 3," she said, waving at Sally.

Fancy hot rods, marching bands, step teams and emergency vehicles came down Emilie Road on Saturday for the sixth annual parade that serves as the unofficial kick-off for the holiday season. Cars rolled by playing holiday music as inflatable snowmen and reindeer swayed in the wind.

The Harry S Truman marching band marched by with the Truman football team close behind on a creative float that doubled as stadium seating for the team.

Judy Holdsworth admired band uniforms as they walked past.

Black and gold sequined outfits shimmered in the sunlight as they spun in circles as part of their routine.

"They never looked like that when I went to school there," said Holdsworth, a Truman graduate. "They look really good. "

While Holdsworth admired the flashy outfits, her daughter, Shawna Martin, had her eye on Santa Claus.

"He was my favorite part of the whole parade - oh yeah, and the candy, too," she said as her mom dangled her bag full of treats.

As the parade came to the close, fire engine sirens faded in the distance and the holiday tunes finished their last notes.

The Burgos family made its way home a couple blocks away from the parade. The family has been coming to the parade for five years.

" It was really nice, but I wish it was longer," said Roxanne Burgos.

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