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Jamie "2, 4" Sheets

We may just die..

Glen Mills...

Founded in 1826, The Glen Mills Schools is the oldest residential school for court referred young men in the country. Located on 756-acre campus, 20 miles southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Glen Mills Schools accepts young men 15 to 18 years old from all states.

The Schools’ philosophy is based on two basic principles:

  1. Our students have great personal endowment and have unlimited potential to learn and grow.

  2. Our students are not ‘bad boys’. They may have done bad things, but are not intrinsically bad. This simple yet profound statement, although not diminishing accountability, puts behavior in its environmental context.

The Glen Mills Schools accepts two basic mandates for students:

  1. To change behavior from anti-social to pro-social.

  2. To develop life skills that will help sustain this change.

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