Eyes Wide Shut (random_onlooker) wrote in truman_bands,
Eyes Wide Shut


Jamie sheets... Just proving that spanky goes to UCF... or atleast, did go to UCF.. not positive hes still there.

(hes to the left side of that pic, funny face)


Suave, and tanned. mmmmmm toasty.


Is this spanky? Who knows... Hes playing tenors.

well... thats all the pictures for now... and none of lesko yet, but.. ill keep looking... I also found this, which definitely makes me wonder why lesko went there.

UCF...UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA! This school hangs with the best of the best in Florida. Downtown Orlando with the famous BAR ORLANDO, and bars ranging from down the street all the way to Church Street. Its like holy, and the kids here party like none other. (not to mention the girls are hot...coming from a sorority girl herself!) Give us some recognition man,

• Not only is UCF, The UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, a top notch academically but it is proven fact that this school in Orlando is on the rise with its 44,000+ student enrollment. The academic standards is among the highest in the state of Florida and of course the coeds are totally HOT! Just check this out: UCF Cheerleading won the D-IA championship a couple of years ago and has been nationally ranked for 10 years now. Ericka Dunlap won Miss America two years ago. Just this past year, Monica Spears won the Miss Venezuela pageant and competed in Miss Universe contest. Oh yeah, this just in, WB's new reality show, "Big Man on Campus," is using all UCF students and filming the show right on campus. The tailgating in football is among the best in the state of Florida!!!! This school is definitely HOT!!!!

Lesko? at a party school?..... weird.
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Hey everyone! First off like to say i miss band like its my job!

But yes 'spanky' still goes to UCF and is doing great! they are pictures from football games from last year which explains the no lesko.
UCF is a huge party school as you have stated but im sure justin can find a party thats right for him somewhere there.

post new pics of Christopher if you find them so i can make fun of him.
Why does Spanky look funny all the time...those faces man.
ah! I was hoping someone was going to notice that...

The only picture he looks semi descent in is the one where hes posing... and even in that one hes got some kind of 'suave' look to him.. its hilarious...

Ever since I met that kid, he's always had a funny look to him. Yah...like he's trying to look suave.

Spanky Suave...like rico suave?
Out of those 9 pictures, he's making some strange face or not looking in 7 of them. And I did believe you when you said he went to UCF, you didn't need to devote an entire long entry to convincing me. Thanks tho, now I can't argue.


September 12 2005, 01:21:46 UTC 12 years ago

Well, I also wanted to share the pictures.. Ive had them for a while, but forgot to show you...
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