Eyes Wide Shut (random_onlooker) wrote in truman_bands,
Eyes Wide Shut

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50-6 and a slightly meaningful post

Truman Wins again...

Truman high school football team: Undefeated thus far.

Truman High school Marching band: Kicks major fucking ass... Especially with me playing the cymbals and telling the drumline what to do, because they have no clue whats going on...

Good night overall... Donated, hugged, Loved, Played Cymbals... (sorry clint, no inversions tonight)

did I graduate? It doesnt feel like it... It feels like I just forgot my uniform... because.. I get in free, I carry stuff, I play cymbals... this is what Ive always done... weird...

I live for nights like this... I always will...

This awesome night was dedicated to you Jason.
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