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WE WERE IN THE PAPER!!!! haha [20 Nov 2005|10:52am]


Santa, candy and fun

Bucks County Courier Times

Nicholas Johnson sat on a curb bundled in a Philadelphia Eagles jacket with his tiny hands covering his ears on Saturday.

His eyes lit up as a convoy of fire trucks in the Bristol Township Thanksgiving Day parade slowly rolled past as loud sirens blared.

A jolly Santa Claus sat high above the crowd in a fire truck and threw candy to little parade watchers.

"Yes, I love this," said Nick as he cautiously collected candy from the ground.

Nicholas and his mother Lyn have come to the parade for the last three years.

"It's quick and fun, and the kids really enjoy it," said Lyn. "It's actually fun for me, too."

She was taken back to her childhood when she saw children's entertainer Sally Starr riding by in a convertible waving.

"Wow, I remember watching her on TV when I was like 3," she said, waving at Sally.

Fancy hot rods, marching bands, step teams and emergency vehicles came down Emilie Road on Saturday for the sixth annual parade that serves as the unofficial kick-off for the holiday season. Cars rolled by playing holiday music as inflatable snowmen and reindeer swayed in the wind.

The Harry S Truman marching band marched by with the Truman football team close behind on a creative float that doubled as stadium seating for the team.

Judy Holdsworth admired band uniforms as they walked past.

Black and gold sequined outfits shimmered in the sunlight as they spun in circles as part of their routine.

"They never looked like that when I went to school there," said Holdsworth, a Truman graduate. "They look really good. "

While Holdsworth admired the flashy outfits, her daughter, Shawna Martin, had her eye on Santa Claus.

"He was my favorite part of the whole parade - oh yeah, and the candy, too," she said as her mom dangled her bag full of treats.

As the parade came to the close, fire engine sirens faded in the distance and the holiday tunes finished their last notes.

The Burgos family made its way home a couple blocks away from the parade. The family has been coming to the parade for five years.

" It was really nice, but I wish it was longer," said Roxanne Burgos.

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[13 Nov 2005|09:54am]

El Champs is Today.
What place will we get this year out of 11 bands?
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We may just die.. [09 Nov 2005|04:43am]


Glen Mills...

Founded in 1826, The Glen Mills Schools is the oldest residential school for court referred young men in the country. Located on 756-acre campus, 20 miles southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Glen Mills Schools accepts young men 15 to 18 years old from all states.

The Schools’ philosophy is based on two basic principles:

  1. Our students have great personal endowment and have unlimited potential to learn and grow.

  2. Our students are not ‘bad boys’. They may have done bad things, but are not intrinsically bad. This simple yet profound statement, although not diminishing accountability, puts behavior in its environmental context.

The Glen Mills Schools accepts two basic mandates for students:

  1. To change behavior from anti-social to pro-social.

  2. To develop life skills that will help sustain this change.

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[23 Oct 2005|12:55am]

[ mood | awake ]

1st-some band
2nd-some other band
participation award
participation award

3rd place out of 5... yea.. we... .... rock

... got to sit in frickin Savage Central (Burger King) for an hour and watch people eat animals and cry over 87592857 grams of fat pies... we were supposed to go to the MALL.. wtf.. .. people going down the slides on food trays... marlow asking people if they dropped Cat Food Coupons... haha

bus ride was interesting.. desilva and pearl were hooking up yo... and there are a lot of disturbing pics of me... and.. some people should die.. and.. grow up.. and stop being immature.. and learn how to STFU on the bus..

and yes, i told Coco i would cut him if he didn't get out of my room. Yep.

marching band = crazy

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[21 Oct 2005|11:59pm]

Ok... Been doing some thinking tonight... and... Ive just been thinking about how much I miss band... I mean, youve all got a game and a comp tomorrow... and... Id LOVE to be there and perform with you. I seriously loved those days of double performances... So many bus memories, so many performance memories... I loved it...

but... I digress...

Now to the point of this thread.

Ive realized that the band has changed... and... Its time to make changes to this community to follow those changes...

Ive added Sam, Kaitlyn, and Jamie Sheets as Maintainers to this Journal... You can all Now go and change what you want about this community... Whether it be the color, interests, members, entries, whatever, do what you want... Its your band... Its your Journal.
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Senior Night! [15 Oct 2005|11:43pm]


Red T-Shirt- $6.00

Plastic Sword- $5.00

Cymbal-playing Monkey- $1.00

Smiley Face Balloon- $1.00

White Rain Citrus Hairspray- $1.00

Fish + Bowl + Food + Pink Rocks- $16.92

Watching Brendan attempt to pet the fish and challenge Kyle Newman to a sword/music stand fight- Priceless!

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's the pit!

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Correct me if I'm wrong... [13 Oct 2005|03:07pm]


...but aren't you supposed to wear a helmet on the field?

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[10 Oct 2005|12:45pm]

yo who IS going to that halloween dance thinger ?
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[08 Oct 2005|12:53am]

What the hells wrong with you people? Jasons been home for a good amount of time now, and no one has posted?!


How was practice on thursday? Is he going to homecoming? Is he Performing? Can he fly?!
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Teehee. [24 Sep 2005|11:37am]



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[23 Sep 2005|11:21pm]

Let me see your Joe Marlow!


When i say Marlow, you say pizza star!!
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.... [23 Sep 2005|03:51pm]

First game ive missed in over 4 years... let me know how it goes...
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So what? I'm bored. [18 Sep 2005|09:02pm]



Marching Band (2005)
- Jason declaring Ed awesome on the first day of band camp, and Ed now thinking he's hot shit and such.
- Kyle Newman... Enough said.
- Having two 1/2 tenor sax players..
- Brendan's first practice and him having to be taught how to read music.
- Me: "Do I have power yet?" Marlow: "No." Me: "*walks outside, hanging my head, to play and not be heard*"
- Putting bobby pins in Brendan's hair to keep the wind from blowing it in his face.
- Being one of the four best to cross the 50 during band camp. Woo me, Tiff, Michelle, & Kait!
- DDR!!!!
- Teaching new pit members how to play.. and not being a mallet player myself.
- The last day of band camp and our kickass party/dance thinger!!
- Me: "*to Brendan* You didn't fold your uniform right." Brendan: "I don't care." Me: "Mrs. Eustace is gonna yell at youuuu." Brendan: "Not if she doesn't seeee." Me: "She checks every uniform. Just a warning." *walks into hallway a few minutes later and see Brendan standing there re-folding his uniform the right way* Hehe!
- Swimming during band camp!!
- Kyle Newman looking for a pencil in his pocket and taking out his cigarettes and lighter to do so. You're not supposed to do that!!
- Getting uber long water breaks so Marlow, Krelove, & Kyle can go smoke on the side of the school and think we don't know.
- Yelling at the new pitly ones.
- Sectionals with the saxes!

Woo!! I ♥ band!

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[17 Sep 2005|10:05pm]

Great night...

Fun times.
I Tied a 142 with padre... Then I sorta stopped caring about bowling.
Random Dancing.
I licked Sam.
I molested just about everyone... atleast once... (thats not illegal or anything)
I had the most accurate realization of my life...
AWESOME movie for jason...
Money for jason...
Resolved some problems...

Awesome night... Thanks everyone...

Oh... and... Clint, Just letting you know... We inverted the cymbals 3 times last night at the game... just for you.
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[16 Sep 2005|11:29pm]


What happened to truman?! Theyre good all of a sudden? or are we just playing reaaaaaaaaaly bad teams?

The only thing that kept me from thinking that I was with another school is 1) the awesomeness of our band... and 2) the gang fights that were supposed to take place... Oh, Middle School Gangs, how I love them... haha

Stupid kids... and... Remember while planning gang fights, When in doubt, bring a hammer... Mwahahaha

The band kicked ass, as always..
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Caddilac Vs. Expedition [10 Sep 2005|04:11pm]

Expedition Wins!

Soooo Many things wrong with that picture.

1)Hes parked on the wrong side of the street.

2)Hes parked in a no parking zone.

3)He got that damage by hitting my familys Expedition last night at 2:00am.

4)He was going more than 25mph when he hit it.

So, The guy hits our car at like 2:00am... and then... recooperates
himself, and then drives off.... Luckily, a neighbor of ours was just
getting home, and he saw the accident... So, he got back in his car and
followed the guy home... The next morning he came over to tell us about
it... Fun times.

Our car has almost no damage, a broken tailgate latch, and a
dented/mis-aligned bumper but nothing that cant be fixed with ducktape
until we get a hefty insurance check. His car... needs a big band
aid... because... he doesnt have insurance to cover it...

Moral of the story: Dont drive drunk and crash into a car bigger than yours...
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Spanky! [10 Sep 2005|01:53am]

Jamie sheets... Just proving that spanky goes to UCF... or atleast, did go to UCF.. not positive hes still there.

(hes to the left side of that pic, funny face)


Suave, and tanned. mmmmmm toasty.


Is this spanky? Who knows... Hes playing tenors.

well... thats all the pictures for now... and none of lesko yet, but.. ill keep looking... I also found this, which definitely makes me wonder why lesko went there.

UCF...UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA! This school hangs with the best of the best in Florida. Downtown Orlando with the famous BAR ORLANDO, and bars ranging from down the street all the way to Church Street. Its like holy, and the kids here party like none other. (not to mention the girls are hot...coming from a sorority girl herself!) Give us some recognition man,

• Not only is UCF, The UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, a top notch academically but it is proven fact that this school in Orlando is on the rise with its 44,000+ student enrollment. The academic standards is among the highest in the state of Florida and of course the coeds are totally HOT! Just check this out: UCF Cheerleading won the D-IA championship a couple of years ago and has been nationally ranked for 10 years now. Ericka Dunlap won Miss America two years ago. Just this past year, Monica Spears won the Miss Venezuela pageant and competed in Miss Universe contest. Oh yeah, this just in, WB's new reality show, "Big Man on Campus," is using all UCF students and filming the show right on campus. The tailgating in football is among the best in the state of Florida!!!! This school is definitely HOT!!!!

Lesko? at a party school?..... weird.
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50-6 and a slightly meaningful post [10 Sep 2005|12:10am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Truman Wins again...

Truman high school football team: Undefeated thus far.

Truman High school Marching band: Kicks major fucking ass... Especially with me playing the cymbals and telling the drumline what to do, because they have no clue whats going on...

Good night overall... Donated, hugged, Loved, Played Cymbals... (sorry clint, no inversions tonight)

did I graduate? It doesnt feel like it... It feels like I just forgot my uniform... because.. I get in free, I carry stuff, I play cymbals... this is what Ive always done... weird...

I live for nights like this... I always will...

This awesome night was dedicated to you Jason.

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[09 Sep 2005|11:24pm]


50-6!?!?!? Holy damn, that has to be some sort of record for Truman!

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[05 Sep 2005|01:43pm]

According to Marlow, Jason is up, talking, and responding to the doctors and nurses.
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